How many of you know someone who is perfect? Dismiss those people who claim they are perfect, and Olympians and “dancing with the stars” performers who receive tens for their routines. The closest person to perfection I know of, is Mary Poppins, and her claim is to be, “almost nearly perfect.” Perfection as a manifest quality in human nature is nowhere to be found. What is commonly found in human nature, however, is widespread imperfection. Although each individual, human being, while having a general uniformity of physical structure and mental capacities, has a multiplicity of unique adaptions to those general natural outlines. So too with all things manifested in our world. For instance, take snowflakes, each one has six general peeks, but within the interior of those peeks lays an entirely unique pattern; each pattern different from all other snowflakes. Let us take a look at all plants and animals spices, although similar in general form and function they are specifically unique as to individual expression of these general conditions of Nature. Even Mother Nature, does not operate from the quality of perfection. We can easily confirm that latter statement by arguing thus: if Mother Nature worked in an absolutely perfect manner, then all areas of her manifestation would be flawless, perfect. All spices would conform atom for atom, molecule for molecule, with no variation and no unique adaption. This empirically, is not Nature’s way. Nature, as we know her, operates imperfectly, yet with an ultimate aim towards perfection, thus allowing for trail and error. Universal Nature has not as yet perfected the cosmos.

Nature in her operations is flexible and adaptive, allowing for misdirection and failure, but able to turn her failures into gradual successes. Nature is a genius learner, and ever so meticulous, and with enormous patience moves progressively forward, towards full expression of her ultimate aim. Nature is like “good” parents, as in ideal parents, who allow their children plenty of space in which to discover, to learn, to develop, but always with the aim of “good” development. The “good” development of Nature’s aim is in the light of expressing the highest principles that lie within each being and entity.

These highest principles which Universal Nature express are the central, creative fires, which permeate, shape, and motive our lives, and the lives of all beings, entities, and things. St. Paul says that these highest principles are the essential elements, …”in which we live, move, and have our being”… These principles are the core of all life, and at their highest, are divine and represent perfection. As we are living, conscious representations of these principles, our ultimate aim is to attune, express, and live in accordance with them. This kind of attuned action is a true definition of virtue in its purest sense.

Even though very few of us are, in tis period of evolution, capable of full expression of our highest principles, we can still aspire towards their fulfillment. If we accept Universal Nature’s way, and step in time with her, we will ever so patiently move, hand in hand with her towards divine fulfillment.

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star shooter

On sacred days, within the cosmic cycles, as when Earth, Moon, Venues, Mercury, and the Sun are in suzyge or when the solstices or equinoxes occur, star shooter, Chiti Shakti, takes up the sacred bow of liberation, and from his quiver, places a spiritually prepared aspirant of truth head first, between his bow and the bowstring, draws his bow to its helt, angles his back arching to the sky, and launches the seeker towards the Sun.

As the seeker moves out, passing through the various spheres of earth, “G” forces are pealing away his life experiences, and as excruciating and disconcerting as that feels there is no turning back.  He has passed the point of no return, and just as the valve of his heart closes after the beat, there is no way back; his fate is sealed, either victory, madness, or death.

Moving through the outer spheres of Earth, while experiencing its extreme drag, the seeker must relay on the grace and power, of the Star Shooter, and have complete faith in his aim.  Each sphere of Earth the seeker traverses, sheds and clarifies, not only the aggregates of the his physical body, but also the deeply worn pathways of emotions and obsessions within his mind; with each shedding he feels lighter and freer.  As the seeker reaches the outer most sphere of Earth, his forward thrust is severely weakened.  It is there that he must battle every selfish earth desire before he can move through the threshold into space.  The battle is fierce, draining the seeker’s life force, until he surrenders to Chiti Shakti’s grace and wisdom.  His immediate victory in hand, he moves across the threshold into space, now passing along the magnetic channels towards the Moon.

Now that the seeker has dropped sheaths of his physical make up, and has freed himself from earth’s fetters, he can ride the magnetic channels at mind speed.  So at the blink of his eye he enters the atmosphere of the Moon.  As he enters the field of the Moon, he feels drag; only this time on his Lunar body.   The Lunar body now being dissolved, his human form has turned into an ethereal consistency.  He effortlessly enters the heart of the Moon, becoming attuned to its essence which brings him complete understanding.  Moving through the Moon’s atmosphere at mind speed, he connects with the magnetic channels and enters the spheres of Venues.

Venues, Earth’s day and evening star, immediately produces drag on the seeker’s Venusian body.  Again, sheath after sheath of the seeker’s souls are dropped and abandoned, morphing his body into a light form, a blue light form.  He enters the heart of Venus, and knows its essence, purifying his form even further.  His blue light form moves through the Venusian atmosphere preparing the seeker to enter Mercury’s spheres.

Mercury, the Sun’s closest relation, creates drag on the seeker’s Mercurial body.  Sheaths are dropped and abandoned, further refining his light form in preparation for his final peregrinations to the Sun.  His light form has expanded into a universal, unification of consciousness; the mortal is becoming immortal and omniscient.  He enters the atmosphere of the Sun with an unspeakable joy and peace; a million times over what he has ever experienced.  As he aims for the heart of the Sun all progress comes to an abrupt, complete stop. The seeker understands that he must now make a choice in order to move on.  He has come to Robert Frost’s proverbial, …”two roads diverge in the woods.”…  One road is to reap his hard-fought and well deserved reward, heaven, nirvana; existing in bliss for eons and eons, until the Great Cycle moves into sleep and then awakens.  The other road, “less traveled,” is to renounce his due reward and return to Earth, for eons and eons, until all beings and entities are liberated, enlighten.  He hears the suffering of earth and cannot lay easy while his brothers and sisters are still struggling.  He desires to become a part of the brotherhood of the Guardian Wall.

*”Children of the Sun, offspring of the stars”… when your turn comes, which road  will you take?

*(the quote is from Gottfried de Purucker’s book, “The Four Sacred Seasons.”

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building a spiritual shield

I have a print called, “The Shield.”  It depicts the path humans must travel to gain spiritual victory.  It symbolically portrays a male human ascending an ascent filled with physical and subtle challenges of the most horrific kind.  This warrior is fitted with the protections and weapon he needs to win the victory: a helmet, to protect his mind, but with an opening in the visor  to clearly focus his vision on the path of victory, a double-edged sword, tempered with the strength of his desire, so he may vanquish his inner and outer dragons,  a shield to protect him from his foes, the physical and shadow forms, and a coat of mail, protecting his body, so it will not know fatigue.

The shield not only protects the seeker, but also tempers itself with each assault from the physical and shadow forms.  It thus becomes the metaphor for the faith and determination upon which the seeker stands.

Behind all right spiritual progress is the right spiritual knowledge, and the bases for right spiritual knowledge is that all humans beings are at their essence, a god-spark, the face of god, the Higher Self, the progeny of the divine.  Katherine Tingly, a Theosophist, says the above idea clearly, in her book, “The Path of the Mystic” …”For man cannot find his true place in the great scheme of human life until he has ennobled and enriched his nature with the consciousness of his divinity.”

This ennobling and enriching of man’s nature with consciousness of his divinity is  no small endeavor.  It takes the realization of our dualistic natures, and an awareness that there is a continuous struggle between our spiritual side and our material side for the domination of our souls; a drama as old as our self-consciousness.  Not one of you can remain neutral; you cannot serve two masters.  A choice and corresponding path must be taken.  The spiritual path though steep and rough, it ends in integration.  The material path though broad and smooth, but from its crown the traveller is tumbled down, and ends in disintegration.  The spiritual path proceeds in concert with Universal Nature.  The material path proceeds in direct opposition to Universal Nature.

Katherine Tingly councils those who choose the spiritual path, in her book “The Path of the Mystic, …”Fear nothing, for every renewed effort raises all former failures into lessons; all sins into experiences.”  …”So fear nothing for yourself, you are behind the shield of your reborn endeavor, though you have failed a hundred times. Try slowly to make it your motive for fidelity that others may be fulfilled.  Fear only to fail in your duty to others; and not even then let your fear be for them, and not yourself”…

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The Wisdom Tree

A Story at Christmas Time

Chris Martin was driving home from his work place earlier than usual. Usually he would leave work about 4:30 pm, but this day he had left at 12 noon. It was Christmas Eve—however, that fact had little to do with Chris’s early departure.

Chris had arrived at his job on time, as usual, at 8:00 am. Out of the 10 years he worked for the company, he was late only twice. Once, when his wife Elizabeth gave birth to their son Daniel, and another when a record snow storm dumped 27 inches of the light and fluffy. To say he was a responsible and dedicated employee would be an under statement, for he was that and much more.

There was a mood of excitement vibrating in the office. Every one seemed to be anticipating the festivities of Christmas Eve, and anxious to have at it. The din of excited voices was a background for the spirited activity going on—people laughing and talking with great animation, exchanging gifts, eating cookies and candy, drinking eggnog and hot apple cider, singing Christmas Carols and some of the men were stealthily maneuvering the attractive girls under the mistletoe to steal a kiss.

To read the rest of this story, click here.

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sayings and comment 4

“The nature of god is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere.”  (Empedocles Greek philosopher)


The circle is an ancient symbol used to help explain the cosmos.  I remember reading, somewhere, that Michelangelo had once said that an artist can claim perfection if he/she could draw, by free hand, a perfect circle.

A diagram of a circle, in our case, symbolizes the boundless All, the entire Universe. It is a representation of space. Within this boundless All resides all things that are and could be manifested.  The sages, in an attempt to clarify the boundless All, talk about it in terms of “fullness.”  That all possible permutations of manifestation is represented within the circle symbol.  The possible permutations are relatively infinite.  Lets take of example of our physical body, scientists tell us that the bacteria alone amount in the trillions, to say nothing of its cells, atoms, molecules, and sundry other manifested parts of our body.  Now, what if we added all manifestations in our solar system, now in the entire Universe-fullness.

When Empedocles says that the circumference is nowhere, his meaning is that, even though the symbolic circle is marked, there is no containment because the possible permutations of manifestation are relatively infinite.

Now when Empedocles says that the center is everywhere, his meaning is that each unite of manifestation represents a point, a center, and since all possible permutations of manifestation are relatively infinite all points/centers of manifestation are everywhere.

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our dualistic nature

Most of our life we feel and react to our dualistic nature without being aware of its innate reality.  In our instinctive reaction we interpret its felt effect, as some elemental, cosmic effect.  For instance, if we get into  a serious car accident, we might blame it on some vengeful demon or say it was god’s will or bad luck.  If we win the lottery we might believe that it was god’s will or good luck.  We are for the most part ignorant, that our life is conditioned by a dualistic process.

Within our dualistic process we recognize and relate to the quintessential position we humans are put in many times each and every day.  Motivated by the evolutionary impulse to progress, our desires and thoughts aggregate to interact, either to attract or repel, with others’, (others here could be people, national interests, cultural interests, institutional interests, etc.), desires and thoughts to create conditions with which we must respond.  Our choices are what they always are: doing what pleases us, what offers immediate gratification to our senses, feelings, self-will or choosing the best consequences regardless of personal feelings or self-benefit.  In our Western Culture these universal choices are amusingly portrayed with a devil sitting on the left shoulder  whispering, in our ear, ego-centric advise, and an angle sitting on our right shoulder whispering, in our ear, celestial advise.

Our dualistic nature has also been the theme of dramas dating back to Sophocles’ tragedies and on to J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” A clear, and highly dramatic portrayal of our dualistic nature comes from a contemporary rendition, in movie form, from a movie called, “Excalibur.”  This 1980 something movie, shows a scene where Sir Lancelot’s, a Knight in King Arther Court, dualistic selves are locked in combat.  One self is King Arther’s Knight, loyal, noble, courageous, the other self is in love with the King’s wife, Guinevere.  There in Lancelot’s dualistic condition his struggle begins, and ends with a sword thrust by his noble, loyal self into the side of his passionate, ego self.

We can see clearly that our dualistic nature is played out upon a continuum of extremes: spiritual/material, good/bad, etc.  There is than, a perpetual tension and struggle coursing through our lives.  This perpetual tension is what ignites our self-consciousness, and our self-consciousness must then navigate through the continuum of extremes.  This movement within the continuum of extremes can be thought of as a, “dualistic scale.” However, the scale does not always balance because our current evolutionary, environment, in which we has our being, is heavily tilted towards the material side of the spectrum.  This tilt towards the material/phenomenal side is the direct cause of our ignorance of the spiritual side of the continuum.  Thus we spend most of our energy relating to our dominate physical side, and the building and sustaining our ego identity.

Can our ego identity be integrated with the spiritual side of the continuum?  The answer is yes, but aside from placing us at the threshold, our rational mind is incapable of spiritually enlightening us.  All our rational attempts at enlightenment will invariably lead  to paradox, because of our dualistic process,  Put another way, all the material bricks and mortar the rational mind  uses to build our ego personality must be removed brick by brick.   There is a Sanskrit word, “samsara” which describes the mortar that holds the ego bricks together.  Samsara means conditioned tendencies, usually negative and self-willed, to particular ways of thinking and acting.  “…all beings fall into error by reason of the delusion of the opposites which spring from liking and disliking”… say Krishna in the “Bhagavad-Gita.”

The path to spiritual enlightenment is difficult,  It is said , of all those who aspire to enlightenment only one takes the first step, and of all who take the first step, only one succeeds.   Our spiritual nature impels us to take the first step.   So why not comply?  Today is a good day to take the first step.

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sayings and comment 3

“On the Buddha’s birthday, as he sprang from the side of his mother, I hit him once and killed him, and fed him to a hungry dog. The whole world was at peace.”  (Yun-men, Chinese Zen Master)


This blatant, cold and cruel statement startles us. It is beyond our imagination that such a cruel, action, and admittance could ever  be conceived within the mind of a human being.  To stoke the outrage more, lets put the statement closer to home, “If you see Christ along the road, kill the Christ and bring peace to the world.”

This is typical of Zen teaching, making straight forward and outrageous statements, leading the student to finally see through the outrageous to a more clear spiritual meaning.  In line with this method of teaching is what is called a “koan.”  A mind puzzle, usually non-sense, but made to seem reasonable, i.e. “You know the sound of two hands clapping.  What is the sound of one hand clapping?”  (I am kind of sorry, for giving you the koan because I expect some of you might be up all night trying to figure it out).

Gautama the Buddha is recorded as saying, “Be lamps unto your self.”  This simple statement opens the door to understanding Yun-Men’s saying.  Buddha did not mean that physical you is the intellectual light that can enlighten and liberate you.  His meaning was based upon his enlightenment.  He knew that there is a non-modifing consciousness, that remains unaffected and pure through out our varying interactions with the physical, sensual, mental, astral, and spiritual, planes of our being.  This non-modifing consciousness can not be defined, for Its essence lies beyond duality and abides within the realm of infinity.  We humans, consciously stuck in duality, can only reason by measuring and judging one thing or condition against another thing or condition.  However, our essential core is pure consciousness.  We are the spark of the Infinite; we are It  and It is us.

It is this spark of infinity that Buddha meant when he said, “Be lamps unto your selves.”  This Spark is where all truth and wisdom resides.  If we are aware and connected with It, we need no doctrines, teachings, rituals, ceremonies.  It is the Light of lights.

Yun-Men is referring to the same Spark of Infinity.  His meaning is, do not become attached to the spiritual master who speaks universal or non-modifed truths; don’t let the master become the object of worship, for such attachment only keeps us in the consciousness of duality.  Become your infinite Self by directing your consciousness towards devotion to the universal truths he or she represents.

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