where is everyone going?

Take a deep breath, look around; frenetic movement everywhere-
the scrimmage of life everywhere.
Even night’s “…pause in the day’s occupation,” slackens the movement
only slightly.
No respite, like a itch that cannot be reached or a starving wolf
on the prowl for prey.
What cosmic impulse fuels this unceasing motion? Where is
everyone going? What is everyone searching for?
The Cosmos directs life on to its evolutionary groves. Riding these
universal groves we are compelled to improve, to better ourselves;
action towards improvement brings feelings of happiness and
satisfaction, action away brings feelings of sorrow and suffering.
We are all searching for happiness and relief from suffering.
We look to our likes, but these are mere tastes, fleeting fulfillments
of happiness, that only intensify our craving and unrest.
We try to satisfy infinite impulses by manipulating the finite world-
an exercise in futility and frustration.
True satisfaction, peace, calmness result from moving in step with
Universal Nature. We can find True Rhythm by listening to
our own heartbeat. We blend our heartbeat to the pulse of the
cosmos. We move to the pulse as we live by the heartbeat, and
in this sacred manner we find and accept our path and place in the
unity and interdependence of it all.
“From where I came I will return,” carrying the knowledge and
understanding of my travels, and where I can finally rest.

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