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the quality of love

The idea of love and its expression seems to be an inborn capacity with human beings.  The above statement is in direct opposition to the popularly held theory of Darwin’s evolution of the fittest and Fredrick Nietzsche’s biologic aggressive, evolutionary philosophy.  Here is a quote from Nietzsche’s, “Van alter … Continue reading

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…”The fault dear Brutes is not in our stars, but in ourselves”…

As you move through your daily life, listen closely to the words and to the kinds of experiences those people with whom you associate are expressing.  You will probably hear about fellow employees that were”let go”from their job in which they received … Continue reading

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Cosmic Urge

Reader, I published this blog and had inadvertently deleted it.  Now I am republishing it, but I am not certain were, in the order of other blogs it will be fit.  This is just to inform you. I hunger for something that … Continue reading

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