Cosmic Urge

Reader, I published this blog and had inadvertently deleted it.  Now I am republishing it, but I am not certain were, in the order of other blogs it will be fit.  This is just to inform you.

I hunger for something that no amount of passion, wealth, or power can satisfy.  The awareness of this undiagnosed, seemingly ubiquitous urge, stimulates numerous tries: maybe the combination of diet, healthy food and exercise, maybe a “soul mate” relationship, maybe a change in environment, perhaps a new country, maybe a greater emphasis on religion; all in vain of true satisfaction.  What is this thrust I feel that knows not quenching?  Every attempt at satisfaction is an inferior result.  Yet, I feel that there is something even in those feeble attempts; some minute, shadowy glimpse of true satisfaction.  It’s that omnipresent glimpse that purses, lingers, and haunts me.  It seems liken to an eternal urge or force.  Maybe true satisfaction is reveled by surrendering to the cosmic urge and follow its lead, like a wandering pilgrim steadily moving towards the beckoning star, promising liberation, and finally, breathed out, rest and peace

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