our human heritage-god wisdom

The ideas presented here have been gathered and ingested over a period of thirty years.  I can not claim originality, nor full comprehension of these ideas for they were always present in our world, although, behind a veil of ignorance.  What I can claim credit for is having a determined motivation to lift that veil, a little, and let the incoming rays of light wash over my consciousness and expand it, a little.  To expand consciousness on one level is vital, but a relatively small step in an ever progressive advancement towards enlightenment, towards truth, towards liberation.  My above description of progressive, expanding consciousness alludes to Plato’s “Allegory of the Caves,” in his “Republic,” (if interested look into my blog archives for an essay on “The Allegory of the Caves”).

There is an ancient tradition of spiritual knowledge, from a worldview that dates back millions of years, when the gods walked the earth among nascent mankind.  The gods instructed mankind in principles of life, science, and the arts.   These principles claim a Reality underlying life, which rituals cannot reach and which the agency of priests or ceremonies cannot bring forth.  I know, I know, I can hear you readers saying, “Millions of years?  You must be daffy; current science theories and religious interpretations are against you.”  Please! stay with me; placate my seeming mad ravings.  This worldview teaches us that this Reality is the essence of all that is manifested, and sustains the Universe.  It also teaches we are one with this Reality, that this oneness can be realized directly, not after death, but in this life, that realizing this Reality is the ultimate purpose for which we were born, and the aim toward which evolution moves.  These universal principles thus represent our divine heritage, and in total, what may be called the “wisdom of the gods.”  This god-wisdom is the basis for answering our fundamental questions of life: what is our origin, our nature. our purpose, and our destiny.

Lets start like Genesis, in the Old Testament, “In the  beginning”…  In the beginning all that could be manifest began from an ethereal or spiritual form or ideal.  We did not originally appear on this earth totally materialized, within fully evolved human bodies.  We could not call our first spiritual ancestors, human for they had not as yet evolved a material human form.  To give your imagination something to feed on, I will relate a description of our spiritual ancestors given in Plato’s “Dialogues,” “Symposium,” Aristophanes is the speaker: …”First you must learn about the nature of man and the history of it.  Formerly the natural state of man was not what it is now.  For at first there were three sexes, not two as at present, male and female, but also a third having both together; the name remains with us (hermaphrodite), but the thing is gone.  There was then a male-female sex and a name to match, sharing both male and female, but now nothing is left but the title used in reproach.  Next, the shape of man was quite round, back and ribs passing about it in a circle; and he had four arms and an equal number of legs, and two faces on a round neck, exactly alike; there was one head with these two opposites faces, and four ears, and two privy members, and the rest as can be imagined.  They walked upright as now, in which direction they liked; and when they wanted to run fast, they rolled over and over on the ends of the eight limbs they had in those days, as our tumblers tumble now with their legs straight out.  And why there were three sexes, and shaped like this, was because the male was at first-born of the sun, and the female of the earth, and the common sex had something of the moon, which combines both male and female; their shape was round and their going was round because they were like their parents.  They had terrible strength and force and great were their ambitions; they attacked the gods, and it is said of them , that they tried to climb into heaven intending to make war upon the gods”…  Similarities relating to our spiritual origination can be found in the Creation Stories of American Indians, and by the bye, their stories are said to have an antiquity of hundreds of thousands of years.  Also, such similarities can be found in Genesis of the Old Testament, specifically with the explanation of the creation of male and female, if not read literally, but taken as an allegory.   The New Age saying aptly hits the mark in this regard: ‘We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a physical experience.’

To bring more clarity into a mostly, unfamiliar and cloudy concept of our primary, causal spiritual origination we will change our view and come at the concept from a different angle.  We will call this angle, natural or rational thought.  Most of us have formed a concept of the reality of etherial beings or entities by an association with religion or some ancient or contemporary philosophy or some spiritual teaching.  We therefore have no trouble accepting the reality of gods, angels, devils, demons, ghosts, and a whole host of etherial, disembodied beings and entities.  Now, if we compare etherial entities and beings with materialized, human beings we find that the etherial entities and beings have greater duration then do human beings.   Humans ‘s life duration is on average some seventy to eighty years, while etherial entities and beings in some cases are assigned an immortal duration.  Rationally then, the creation of a materialized, human being would logically be generated from an immortal,  spiritual model and made to evolve physically over an appropriate duration.  This concept ties in perfectly with an ancient Egyptian, Hermetic axiom,  ” as above, so below, as below, so above.”  Don’t tie up your thinking process by taking this axiom literally.  Think of the “above” as the apex of a hierarchy and the “below” as the lowest of the spectrum of extremes, and in between are continuous levels of the middle part of the spectrum.   An example of this would be the case of a painter using a conceptual model in his mind to paint a two-dimensional representation on canvas.  The conceptual ideal in his mind has a more fluid and etherial quality then the static, material canvas representation, but the “above” model is causally related to the “below” and the “below” is likewise related to the “above.”  The evolutionary course is from the highest or “above” to the lowest,
“below,” and not visa versa.  Clearly then, from a rational thinking perspective, our primary origination is from spiritual forces and not from physical forces.  How this reverse generation process changes the meaning of our lives will be part two of this series on ”   our human heritage-god-wisdom,” giving you ample opportunity to mull over the content of this essay.

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