doing something positive to help our country’s problems

Have you felt impotent  and frustrated over your personal inability to effectively resolve the deep problems currently existing in our country?  Do you sincerely desire to do something positive to help alleviate those problems within our country?

There is a way .  It is simple, effective, and resides in the power of the spoken word.  Some call it prayer, some affirmation,  some invocation, but all that use it know of its power to effect results.

Below is a prayer or call it what you may, intended to inspire a sense of peace, and a feeling of brotherhood in the hearts of those that say it.  All that is required of you to help resolve the troubles in our country is to sincerely say the prayer as often as you like, and if you believe it is a valuable idea, share it with friends and family.  Just image a prayer linking thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of human minds all focused on the same ideas of brotherhood and peace.  If the old saying that, ‘God an one man can conquer the world,’ has any truth, just think what God and tens of thousands of humans can accomplish.  Gandhi said, “If you want to change the world, be the change.”


In whose breath we live, move, and have our being.  We ask for courage and wisdom to change our path, point us to truth and shape that truth into brotherhood and peace.

We have lost our way and our sense of our true self.  We force and press following selfish ambitions, hurting our earth, our children and ourselves.

We need to halt our damning impulses; we need to rest and allow earth to rest.

Let there be peace in the sky, and in the atmosphere.

Let there be peace in the plant world and in the forests.

Let there be peace in our hearts.

*Insert, on the blank line above, any name and adjective of divinity that relates to you.

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