sayings and comment 4

“The nature of god is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere.”  (Empedocles Greek philosopher)


The circle is an ancient symbol used to help explain the cosmos.  I remember reading, somewhere, that Michelangelo had once said that an artist can claim perfection if he/she could draw, by free hand, a perfect circle.

A diagram of a circle, in our case, symbolizes the boundless All, the entire Universe. It is a representation of space. Within this boundless All resides all things that are and could be manifested.  The sages, in an attempt to clarify the boundless All, talk about it in terms of “fullness.”  That all possible permutations of manifestation is represented within the circle symbol.  The possible permutations are relatively infinite.  Lets take of example of our physical body, scientists tell us that the bacteria alone amount in the trillions, to say nothing of its cells, atoms, molecules, and sundry other manifested parts of our body.  Now, what if we added all manifestations in our solar system, now in the entire Universe-fullness.

When Empedocles says that the circumference is nowhere, his meaning is that, even though the symbolic circle is marked, there is no containment because the possible permutations of manifestation are relatively infinite.

Now when Empedocles says that the center is everywhere, his meaning is that each unite of manifestation represents a point, a center, and since all possible permutations of manifestation are relatively infinite all points/centers of manifestation are everywhere.

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