The Wisdom Tree

A Story at Christmas Time

Chris Martin was driving home from his work place earlier than usual. Usually he would leave work about 4:30 pm, but this day he had left at 12 noon. It was Christmas Eve—however, that fact had little to do with Chris’s early departure.

Chris had arrived at his job on time, as usual, at 8:00 am. Out of the 10 years he worked for the company, he was late only twice. Once, when his wife Elizabeth gave birth to their son Daniel, and another when a record snow storm dumped 27 inches of the light and fluffy. To say he was a responsible and dedicated employee would be an under statement, for he was that and much more.

There was a mood of excitement vibrating in the office. Every one seemed to be anticipating the festivities of Christmas Eve, and anxious to have at it. The din of excited voices was a background for the spirited activity going on—people laughing and talking with great animation, exchanging gifts, eating cookies and candy, drinking eggnog and hot apple cider, singing Christmas Carols and some of the men were stealthily maneuvering the attractive girls under the mistletoe to steal a kiss.

To read the rest of this story, click here.

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