My name is Louis DiVirgilio.  I am an ordinary human with a disposition toward finding truth.  Here is an example, at age 5 or 6 my mother brought me to a local department store to visit with Santa Claus.  Santa walked passed me and my mother on his way to his chair.  As he passed, I noticed that he wasn’t warning Santa Claus boots, but a paten leather, gater like (used by cross-country skiers to keep snow off lower leges),  attachment to regular shoes.  I told my mother that I did not think he was the real Santa.  She thoughtfully explained that because the real Santa was so busy during the Christmas season that he allowed certain competent people to help him.  Of course I believed my mother.

I fostered and developed that disposition over many years, and have a competent mind meter for truth.  Of course, it is not infallible.  I think of myself in terms of what Pythagoras called, philosopher, (a lover of wisdom) or theosophy, (seeker of god wisdom, the esoteric wisdom, the hidden wisdom), and I accept and follow the truth were ever it leads.

I am not affiliated with any religion nor am I a non believer in an infinite, supreme spirit, therefore my intention is not proselytizing.  My intention is to display the truth as I know it and let the reader interpret as he or she will.  My motto is to provide a light for all seekers on the spiritual path; bringing clarity of mind, inspiration, and guidance for the benefit of all.



One Response to About

  1. You figured the “about” page out. It is clear and definitely who you are (and a great dad). I am going to share this on my pages.

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