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sayings and comment 4

“The nature of god is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere.”  (Empedocles Greek philosopher) COMMENT: The circle is an ancient symbol used to help explain the cosmos.  I remember reading, somewhere, that Michelangelo had once said that … Continue reading

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lust and love

An area of great confusion appears when ever love and sexual attraction combine.  Human sexual energies are vital, life promoting forces.  They are the voltage or vital pressure in all human relationships.  Because of the strong and powerful potency of … Continue reading

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the origination of evil and the devil-part two

How did good and evil become innate characteristics of the human composition? The moment “mankind” was lit by the fire of self consciousness and saw its nakedness, the consciousness of duality was born along with all opposites, thus the idea of … Continue reading

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