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The Wisdom Tree

A Story at Christmas Time Chris Martin was driving home from his work place earlier than usual. Usually he would leave work about 4:30 pm, but this day he had left at 12 noon. It was Christmas Eve—however, that fact … Continue reading

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sayings and comment 2

Words are the fog one has to see through. (Zen Buddhist) COMMENT: Words are not mere puffs of wind shaped by the tongue, but are alive.  Although we have a developed lexicon to tract their meaning, their essential force, power, and life comes … Continue reading

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our human heritage-god wisdom

The ideas presented here have been gathered and ingested over a period of thirty years.  I can not claim originality, nor full comprehension of these ideas for they were always present in our world, although, behind a veil of ignorance.  What I can claim … Continue reading

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love of self

Love, as St. Paul puts it, at its purest of human expression is selfless.  The more a person acts with unselfish intention, the purer the quality and degree of love in his heart.  The more a person’s concerns are with … Continue reading

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the quality of love

The idea of love and its expression seems to be an inborn capacity with human beings.  The above statement is in direct opposition to the popularly held theory of Darwin’s evolution of the fittest and Fredrick Nietzsche’s biologic aggressive, evolutionary philosophy.  Here is a quote from Nietzsche’s, “Van alter … Continue reading

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the origination of evil and the devil-part two

How did good and evil become innate characteristics of the human composition? The moment “mankind” was lit by the fire of self consciousness and saw its nakedness, the consciousness of duality was born along with all opposites, thus the idea of … Continue reading

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